Aiden James Customs - The Original LED DRL Bezel Kit A.K.A Fang Light - Toyota 4Runner (2014+)

With or without the fuse box riser: Fang kit only
Sale price$239.99


Pre-Order open now, the Gen4 Fang Light kit!!!

Please note before ordering: The Fang Lights are open for a Pre-Order at this time and are not expected to be in stock and shipping until late March. The pre-order is to offer you an additional discount as the discount will end once they are in stock.

These are the Original kits designed by our founder Scott in 2015. All others are a knock-off copy. Designed by and exclusive Aiden James Customs kits for 2014+ 4Runner SR5, TRD Pro and Trail/TRD OffRoad versions, NOT Limited. Confirmed to fit the 2020+ as well.

The Fang Light has been leveled up! Now 30% brighter with a whiter light to match those Morimoto, AlphaRex, Attica or other brand headlights DRL's. Also IP67 rated now with fully sealed connectors throughout. But wait, there's more! They now come standard with five, that's right, FIVE options in each kit that you can simply change at the flick of a switch.

The five options included are:

  • White only with ignition on.
  • Amber only with ignition on.
  • Switchback (White with ignition on and amber when you use your turn signals).
  • White/White (White with ignition on and white when you use your turn signals).
  • Amber/Amber (Amber with ignition on and amber when you use your turn signals).

They come complete with LED tubes molded into replica fog light covers and the harness to hook them up.  

2020+ 4Runner owners: You can now add the optional Fuse Box Lid Riser from MinWin3D which brings that fuse box lid up to clear the piggy back fuse. Select this option in the drop-down menu. *Note: This is not required to install the Fang kit however, due to the change in fuse box layout by Toyota, the INJ fuse sits up higher and the fuse box lid is tougher to close and the piggy back fuse does put a bump in the lid should you choose to install any piggy back fuse without the Lid Riser.

This is for a pair of bezels and harness kit for one vehicle.

Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. We will not be held responsible for failure to ensure all connections are fully seated. 

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