AJT Design - TSS Relocation Bracket - 10052B - Toyota Tacoma (2016+)

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Low cost solution for relocating the TSS sensor on 2018 and newer Tundras and Tacomas. This allows for the older TRD PRO or possibly other aftermarket grilles to be used by relocating the sensor from behind the emblem to a new location behind the grille. This updated version is now injection molded in a 2 piece ABS plastic design, no longer a 3 piece 3D printed design. Our design uses a common cap screw, locknut and washer throughout for simple assembly.

This kit (10052 TSS Relocation Bracket) is to be installed by experienced professionals only. AJT DESIGN assumes no responsibility for any vehicle malfunction as a result of installing this kit (10052 TSS Relocation Bracket). The TSS sensor has known reliability issues and can malfunction due to adding a lift kit to the truck, or for other unknown reasons on occasion. Do not contact AJT DESIGN for troubleshooting assistance regarding TSS malfunction.

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