Backwoods - Hi-Lite Overland Front Bumper - Bull Bar - Toyota 4Runner (2014+)

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Introducing the brand new hybrid steel AND aluminum front bumper for the 5rd gen Toyota 4Runner. The Hi-Lite gets it's name from it's aggressive high clearance design as well as it's ultra-light weight construction. Our bumper features a full 28lb aluminum shell paired with a 55lb steel winch cradle - totaling only 83lbs. Specially designed this bumper to have the strength where you need it most while saving weight everywhere else.

Typically, bumpers are either constructed purely out of steel or aluminum. An all steel bumper adds significant weight to your vehicle, easily rusts, can affect your suspension, and can cause premature ware on a variety of components. And a fully aluminum bumper typically costs significantly more money and is usually not as strong as steel. The answer is combining the two.

Strongly recommend you run this bumper with the Connector Skid Plate to provide a seamless flow of protection. Otherwise, your cooler lines and other components will be exposed to possible damage.

Most winches WILL fit this bumper with no issues, however if your winch height exceeds 10.1", you may have to relocate your solenoid. Specifically, on WARN ZEON winches, they are 10.5" tall and require relocation/modification.



  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Full front protection with aluminum triple hoop bull bar.
  • 28lb. aluminum rust free outer shell.
  • 55lb. steel winch cradle.
  • Full bumper weight - 83lbs.
  • Welded and buffed using robotics to ensure perfect consistency.
  • Beautiful lines and angles that compliment the factory body lines.
  • Fits up to 12,000 lbs. winches.
  • Accepts all hawse fairleads and most roller fairleads. (Not guaranteed to fit all styles of roller fairleads. Some roller fairleads may be too large for the recessed opening.).
  • Compatible with the Connector Skid Plate.
  • Large cutouts for winch access and winch spooling visibility.
  • Elevated high clearance winch mount.
  • 2 D-ring shackle mounts.
  • 2 square light cutouts to fit the Pathfinder Paths or most aftermarket pods.
  • Flat top platform to add lightbars or other lights like the PROWLR lights.
  • Durable black powder coat finish included.
  • Winch can be mounted to vehicle separate from bumper.
  • Simple one man installation.
  • High clearance design for excellent approach angles and better fitment for larger tires.
  • Steel frame support brackets included.
  • This bumper DOES work with the factory TSS.

Shipping: All bumper or custom roof rack orders must be shipped to a commercial location with a dock for unloading to qualify for flat rate shipping. If your shipping address does not have a lift gate, a $200 residential surcharge must be added cover the additional freight costs.

All Colorado local pick-up orders for the Backwoods 4Runner (2014+) Hi-Lite Overland Front Bumper with Bull Bar is subject to a $250 freight transport fee.

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