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This kit has everything you need for vehicle-to-vehicle recovery (to get your friends out of trouble, of course).

Kit includes

  • 1x Deadman Stretchy Band.
  • 2x Deadman Soft Shackles.
  • 1x Bodybag.

The Deadman Stretchy Band™ kinetic recovery rope is an essential tool in your recovery arsenal for vehicle-to-vehicle recovery. Unlike a tow strap or the Deadman which uses static fibers (non-stretch), the Stretchy Band is designed with fibers that stretch up to 30% under load, absorbing shock loads and acting like a rubber band to give a little extra yank to the stuck vehicle. This is great for vehicle-to-vehicle recoveries where one vehicle is stuck, but this stretchy property makes it a bad choice for towing (we advise you do not). 

When deciding which Stretchy Band is best for you, try to match or exceed your vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). This will ensure you’re using a Stretchy Band strong enough to handle your vehicle when it’s in a tight spot. However, if you regularly play with friends a little bigger than you, consider sizing up so you can safely yank them free as well! 

Manufactured and tested at an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Houston, Texas, with U.S. sourced Cortland Double Braided nylon. 

DO NOT TOW with the Deadman Stretchy Band kinetic rope. 

7/8″  Stretchy Band:

  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBs): 28,300lbs.
  • Recommended for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) between 4,750lbs and 7,100lbs. 

1 1/16″ Stretchy Band:

  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 39,000lbs
  • Recommended for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) between 7,100lbs and 9,750lbs. 

Choose your soft shackle:

  • Deadman Soft Shackle.
  • Deadman RUGGEDIZED Soft Shackle.

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