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Build a custom home for your tools and jewels to ride along nestled in the Crossbox. This Crossbox includes two layers of custom-fit foam for you to cut to the specs of your desired collection. Kaizen razor knife included.

Crossbox fits all full-size drawers, midsize wide drawers, and the DECKED Tool Box.

The DECKED Crossbox with Custom Foam takes the Crossbox to the next level. Custom foam inserts let you completely customize our vessels for your tool and gear tussles. Made from multilayer polyethylene foam, it's built like a layer cake which allows you to trace, cut, and remove foam to your desired depth. The result is a perfect fit every time for whatever you want, nestled securely inside your Crossbox. Comes with cement colored lid. 100% Made in USA.

Crossbox with custom foam includes:

  • DECKED D-Box with cement color lid.
  • Three layers of foam, custom cut to fit inside the D-Box.
  • One Kaizen Knife with 3.5" retractable blade.

Custom foam features:

  • Two blocks of multilayer foam: 2.25" thick.
  • Each foam block is built like a layer cake with 2 black outer layers (3/32” thick) and multiple white internal bonded layers (each 3/16” thick). When you cut out your tool, you’ll easily see the white foam underneath and know where everything goes.
  • Made of 1.7# polyethylene.

Crossbox features:

  • High impact resin and heavy duty construction offer lasting durability.
  • Integrated EPDM seal keeps moisture out.
  • Removable small parts and tool tray.
  • Easy locking latches.
  • Lockable to keep contents secure.
  • Ergonomic carry handle.
  • Grip points located on ends for easy retrieval from drawers.
  • Integrated lid ruler.
  • Ruler & common bolt/bit guide.
  • Made in USA.

Crossbox fitment:

  • Nests in DECKED Drawer Systems and Tool Boxes.
  • Fits narrow, midsize drawers lengthwise; fits wide, midsize and full-size drawers crosswise.
  • Half the size of D-Box.

Crossbox dimensions:

  • 17.5" x 10.75" x 7.75".
  • 672 cubic Inches.
  • 40lbs. weight limit.

The toolbox was designed to carry a weight of 40 lbs, and we did drop testing analysis to show it would survive a drop test from a normal carrying height or from the height of an open tailgate on a pickup. 40 lb is the max weight one should carry, but only for shorter distances while using both hands (using our grip locations) with the toolbox close to one’s chest as one would carry a heavy box. To sum things up, our toolbox is capable of carry loads greater than one should carry on a regular basis. 

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