Overland Vehicle Systems - EKO 50" LED Light Bar with Variable Beam, DRL, RGB & 6 Brightness

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The EKO Overland Vehicle Systems LED Lights featuring RGB Technology is like no other light on the market today. This bar uses Osram LED Lights, which are some of the longest-lasting and most technologically advanced automotive lights available.

They can last for over 50,000 hours! The PCB board and chip used within this product can withstand water resistance up to IP68 specifications - providing unbelievable versatility for both recreational or commercial applications; 9V-36v 620 watts of power means you'll never need another flashlight again when out at night exploring unknown territory.

The light can be used as a daytime running light, a high-beam light, or a low-beam light. It is also adjustable from a flood light to a spotlight, and has an RGB running light with eight color. Light Functions as a Daytime Running Light, High to Low Beam Button, 6-Way Adjustable beam from flood to spot and RGB Running Light with 8 Color Options.

Aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum Body with Heat Dissipating Fins and Lexan Polycarbonate Molded Lens, Triple Chrome Plated Reflectors, Original Equipment Style Wiring Harness Heat Shrunk With 40 Amp Relay and Inline Fuse with Soft Touch Control Panel, Marine Grade 304 Stainless Brackets and Hardware.

Included: 50” EKO Led Light Bar, Main Power Wiring Harness (12’), Control Panel Harness (13’), Stainless Steel Adjustable Mounting Bracket (Qty 2), Stainless Steel M6 Hardware Pack (Qty 1), Self-Tapping Screw (Qty 1), Black Zip Ties 8” (Qty 8), Installation Instructions & Operating Manual.

Light Functions: Daytime Running Light with Spot and Flood Option, High to Low Beam Button, 6-Way Adjustable beam from flood to spot, RGB Running Light with 8 Color Options. Infinite lighting Possibilities. RGB Colors in Sequence: Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Teal, Opal & Red.

This product features an aluminum body with heat dissipating fins and a Lexan polycarbonate molded lens. It also has triple chrome plated reflectors, an original equipment style wiring harness, and a soft touch control panel. The brackets and hardware are made from marine grade 304 stainless steel.

Installation: Standard Installation to Power and Ground Terminals, Wiring for Main Power Switch (On/Off) in dash or can be install through a sPOD or something equivalent. Main control panel to be ran somewhere to the interior or Dash.

EKO LED Lights Features:

High beam. The off-road LED light bars are a great way to illuminate your path in dark conditions. They have high beam as well, so you can easily see what's ahead of time!

Low beam. Off road LED light bars are a great way to illuminate your path on any terrain. With low beam function, they can also help you see what's ahead of the vehicle.

Flood beam. They are off road LED light bars that can produce a wide beam and flood function. They have been designed for drivers who need extra visibility on poorly lit roads or when there is little moonlight available, such as during night time driving in unfamiliar areas

Spot beam. Off Road LED light bars are a great way to enhance your off-road experience. They come with multiple functions including spot beam and wide flood lighting that can be turned on or off at will, giving you maximum visibility in any situation!

Scene beam. If you are in the market for an off-road LED light bar, this is a great option. The scene beam function can help with your evening hours by providing extra visibility when driving at night on dark roads or rugged trails!

RGB back light. High intensity off road LED light bars that provide a safer and more visible driving environment for your vehicle. These lights have RGB backlights which allow you to change their color according the mood or music in order get exactly what's desired!

Six level brightness control. With the six level brightness control, you can adjust the light bar to your desired setting. Whether it be on an off road vehicle or not, these LED lights will help make any journey safe and easy!

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