Expedition One - Rear Bumper with Single Swing Tire Carrier - Toyota 4Runner (2010+)

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  • Single swing arm mounted on the passenger side.
  • Comprised of 3/16" & 1/4" inner structure & a 3/16" thick outer skin.
  • Weighs approx. 210lbs.
  • 1" thick 3/4 recovery shackle mounts.
  • Optional textured black powder coat.
  • Utilizes stock receiver hitch.
  • Integrated light ports.
  • Designed and made in the USA.
  • Industry-first latch mechanism design for consumer ease of use.

Available mounting accessory options:

  • Hi-lift mount.
  • Hi-lift/pull-pal mount.
  • Expedition One Geri fuel/water mount & latch.
  • Scepter/NATO fuel can mount.
  • Bolt-on ladder for 4Runner.
  • Spare tire mount.
  • If you plan to mount a spare tire you will not be able to mount any other accessories on the single swing arm other than items that mount on the back/inside of the arm such as the table or ladder. The backup camera mount can also be mounted with the single arm as mounted on the passenger side.
  • Tire mounts: A narrow wheel with an extreme positive offset and a very wide tire will will not work with the standard tire mount.
  • Model years equipped with the blind spot monitor may not function with an aftermarket bumper due to the monitors capability to sense through steel.

Note: Highly recommend customers wait until they have the product in hand to schedule installations.  

All Colorado local pick-up orders for the Expedition One Rear Bumper with Single Swing Tire Carrier is subject to a $330 transport fee.

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