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The HEST Top Sheet is designed for best use with the HEST Down Comforter to add extra comfort and convenience. It was created to seamlessly integrate with the Down Comforter featuring tucked corner flaps and toggles.
  • Single Top Sheet: Fits Single Down Comforter.
  • Double Top Sheet: Fits Double Down Comforter.

As comfortable as your home top sheet but in a portable outdoor ready form.The HEST Top Sheet are designed to pack into themselves keeping the sheet neat and clean and when in sleep mode, they seamlessly integrate with the HEST Down Comforter for added comfort and convenience. For a more traditional home top sheet feel, leave top toggles unattached.


  • Transportable - Grab & go! An integrated stow pocket with travel loop makes storing, packing & transportation a breeze. The HEST Top Sheet is designed to pack into its stash pocket for easy stowage.
  • Tucked corners - Stay tucked in! The Top Sheet is designed to the exact dimensions of our down comforter with tucked corner flaps and an integrated toggle system, so the top sheet stays on the comforter even if you toss or turn throughout the night.
  • Home comfort - Just like the top sheet on your home bed– the HEST Top Sheet provides added luxury, coziness and comfort. Making sleeping outdoors even more cozy & comfortable. If you prefer a home sheet feeling, leave top toggles detached.
  • Outdoor ready - Built for all-terrain travel in all kinds of weather. The breathable soft stretch fabric is dirt resistant and easy to wash.
  • Removable & washable - Fresh and clean like your home bed– the Top Sheet is easy to remove & machine washable, keeping your HEST Down Comforter fresher for longer. Like with any prized linens: for the best longevity of product we recommend machine wash cold & hang dry.
  • Extra cozy & warm - The HEST Top Sheet makes it easy to level up your comforter with an added layer of weight & warmth. Extend your camping season and comforter use by adding a top sheet to your sleep setup.
  • Non-slip sleep - The integrated toggle system and tucked corner flaps at the foot and head of comforter keep your top sheet and comforter connected and layered even if you move around when you sleep. No more waking up shivering & searching around in the dark for where your layered blankets slipped off to. The top sheet provides a slip free sleep.

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