PowerTrays - LowPro PowerTray - Toyota 4Runner (2002-Current), FJ Cruiser (2007-2014), Lexus GX470 & GX460 (2002-Current)

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Introducing the new LowPro Powertray. For this Powertray the fender-side bend gets reversed. So with this design, the two M8 fender bolts can be easily accessed right above the surface of the tray. 

What's the difference between the new LowPro Powertray and the original Powertray design? Short answer, surface area and hood clearance.

The LowPro trays mount about 1.5 inches lower in the engine compartment due to reversing the fender-side bend. This causes some interference with the OE wiring harnesses that come out of the master cylinder. The original Powertray design simply installs overtop those harnesses, so it can be made wider. Also, since the LowPro mounts lower, it provides increased clearance between the surface of the tray to the underside of the hood.

Who would the LowPro Powertray work best for? The LowPro Powertray works best for applications where increased hood clearance is needed; Or for people who have a more minimalistic vision and don't plan on having more than a couple accessories to power.

One more thing to consider... Is how often you'll be wiring things up over the course of the builds life. The LowPro Powertray sits at about the same height as the factory fuse block lid when installed. This flush aesthetic adds a great visual appeal but also makes it kinda difficult run wires; whereas, the original Powertray design mounts higher up and allows more room to get a hand between the surface of the tray and factory fuse block (lid removed). Having extra height and easier access makes it far more convenient to wire up things when you’re adding sweet mods to your rig. 

Product includes:

  • The lowpro PowerTray.
  • Support leg
  • Mounting hardware.


  • 1/8th Inch 5052 Aircraft Aluminum - Possibly a little overkill to use for mounting electrical accessories that tend to weigh in the ounces, not pounds. But with a weight coming in at 3X lighter than steel and corrosion resistance far superior to even stainless steel, aluminum is the clear choice for weathering the harsh conditions we put our vehicles though.
  • Waterjet manufacturing - Guarantees precise cuts with an accuracy of ±0.003", which is why it is used globally in many industries for intricate designs and jobs which require high tolerances.
  • Chamfered edges - This is the only step where we cut corners (hehe). To avoid sharp edges we chamfer all jagged edges and corners by hand with a specialized high-speed router bit. So you don't have to worry about cutting your hands or scratching your vehicles paint during installation. Also with a 45° chamfer on the edges you minimize the risk of vibration wearing though the protective sleeving on cables and wires which would short out the circuit.
  • Factory Fit - PowerTrays install without the need to modify anything on your rig. 100% bolt in installation. 
  • Unparalleled stability - Utilizing four points of contact, you can be sure that your valuable electronics are safe and secure. 
  • High Quality Mounting Hardware - Since the mounting hardware on this design is more pronounced, we supply high quality stainless steel mounting hardware that combines both form and function to achieve a product that is as strong as it is beautiful.
  • Power Made Easy - Delivered right to your door with step-by-step installation instructions.

This PowerTray will fit the following vehicles:

  • Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007-2014 with automatic transmission.
    • Unfortunately manual transmission FJ's have a clutch fluid reservoir mounted in the same location the PowerTray is designed to install. So if your FJ has a manual transmission then shoot us an email with pictures of the reservoir and please include vehicle info like year, make, and model so we can go over options for relocating the reservoir.
    • Note: FJ cruiser's with the rear 400w inverter may have a small relay box bolted to the fender that will need trimmed.
  • Toyota 5th Gen 4Runner 2009-Current.
    • Note: 2020+ 4runners have an additional relay/fuse box located on the fender that will need to be relocated closer to the cab of the vehicle in order to install this Powertray.
  • Toyota 4th Gen 4Runner 2002-2009.
    • Note: Some 4Runner's may have a little bracket that holds a small wiring harness bolted to one of the M8 threaded holes located on the inner fender. The top of this bracket will need to be cut off in order to install this Low-pro PowerTay.
  • Lexus GX470 2002-2009 and GX460 10-Current.
    • Note: These vehicles may have a plastic vanity cover that will need to be removed and discarded. But nothing should actually hinder installation.

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