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What would the perfect expedition look like to you? If you are like us, the perfect expedition would be seamless. Everyone is happy. Everyone is organized. Everyone has their stuff together. And you never have to search for anything, because everything is in its proper place! Military precision. No pending crisis and subsequent expletive-laden meltdown over a misplaced tow strap. Because let's face it; we all have that one trail-mate (or spouse) who has a never-ending array of stuff for every trip. And when you need the slightest little thing from your storage space? It's like unpacking enough gear necessary for a year-long expedition into the Arctic Tundra!  And while we can make no promises about your traveling companions (and their level or organization), we can assure you that you can have your stuff together. You can have immediate access to your 2" straps and kinetic energy ropes. 

The Snatch Strap Recovery Kit attaches to a bull bar or roll cage. That way, when you do get stuck in a muddy spot, your straps are already on the front of your vehicle, ready to go. No more fumbling around through piles of access gear for the one thing that will get you going again.

The Snatch Strap Recovery Kit comes with Blue Ridge Overland Gear's Strap Bag, the ARB Snatch Strap 17,500 lbs., and two 3/8" Amsteel Blue 20" soft shackles.

  • 1 - Strap Bag
  • 2 - 3/8" Soft Shackle 20" leg
  • 1 - ARB Snatch Strap 17,500lb 30foot | ARB705
  • The Strap Bag can be used as a winch dampener.

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