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What's the strangest thing you've ever found in the tray of your truck doors? You may want to volunteer this information, or you may not! But we'd like to present to you, BROG's list of items that commonly turn up in a door tray.

1. Coins. You might even have changed from multiple countries there! 401K? Pffft. You've got enough door change to retire to Key West!
2. Used toothpicks. Ew. Throw those in the trash the next time you gas up!
3. Already chewed gum tucked in a discarded gum wrapper. Now don't go blaming all of it on your kids — this routinely turns up in the _drivers' side_ door too!
4. At least one wadded-up wrapper from a fast food stop. Seriously, are you starting a mobile landfill?!
5. A laser pointer with a dead battery. Remember when those were a thing? Well, apparently you have one that's been living in your door since they were on-trend!
6. Click lighters. You know, in case you decide to either smoke a cigarette or wave one at a concert to show your age! Now if someone would only bring back the 8-track player ...
7. Pens. Forget texting and driving. You prefer your messages handwritten with a side of danger!
8. Spare keys. Always a good plan. Until you lock the spare key inside the vehicle with your regular key. No need for a show of hands!
9. A mini flashlight of some sort. Quite possibly the most useful item on this list. But to use it, you'd have to pull off chewing gum and used toothpicks!

Whatever you store in your door, we've come up with a way to help you organize it. Cue BROG's new Door Pouch Kit. The kit includes four pouches to up your organization game. It'll help you sort the trash from the treasure that goes into your door space. With the Door Pouch kit, you get two clear-front pouches; one for each rear door, and two smaller pouches for each front door. Maximize your organization's potential and keep your door trays neat and organized. 

  • Kit includes four pouches. It'll help you sort the trash from the treasure that goes into your door space.

  • Made of durable 500D Cordura

  • Fits 2016 and newer Toyota Tacoma

  • Includes four grey pouches: two clear-front pouches; one for each rear door. Two smaller pouches for each front door.

  • Back door pouch dimensions: 12 x 4 x 2" (includes 2)

  • Front door pouch dimensions 6.5 x 5x 2" (includes 2)

  • Features our authentic branded leather logo

  • Handcrafted in the USA

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