The "Wifey" Air System

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The Wifey air system is not your typical air up, air down system, its a complete and conclusive package to fit your build. 

This system will allow you to air up all 4 tires under 4-9 minutes using our 3/8 high flow air lines. (Tire inflation times depend on tire size, original pressure and single or duel ARB air compressor used). Included in this inclusive kit are everything needed to see live tire pressure to all 4 wheels when the system is hooked up. Deflate all 4 tires at the same time getting you back on the trail as fast as possible. Every component has been proven to last for decades (braded stainless steel inlet line, quality solid brass fittings and chucks, billet aluminum distribution block, high quality slide valves, and 3/8 high flow air lines. )

Combine this setup it with our Rago ARB Compressor Mount, ARB Compressor and Air Mounts and you will soon be ready to hit the trails, not included in this kit.

Choose between our SUV version or Truck Version
  • SUV- 120" Wheel Base
  • Truck - 120"+ Wheel Base


  • List of Hardware Included in Package
  • High Quality Parts and Hardware Included
  • Air up & down in as little as 7-9 minutes
  • Connects to either Twin or Single ARB Air Compressor
  • Blue Hose Rated for 170psi

Complete the build:

  • Twin Air Compressor or Single Air Compressor
  • Compressor Mount
  • Wifey Block Mount
  • Air Mounts
  • Wifey Air System Extension

Professional installation is highly recommended. This is not the average DIY project and you should have experience and understanding of plumbing and air systems. This kit will take all the guesswork out of sourcing each part. In addition, these parts have been tested to their limits and continue to operate flawlessly. 


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