Aiden James Customs - Under Hood Light Kit - Fits Numerous Vehicles

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Can't see in the engine bay while out on that dark trail? Tired of not having light under the hood to get to that air chuck after that night trail run?

Welcome to our plug and play kit that comes with everything you need to install in no time. It comes complete with a pair of KC Hilites Cyclone V2's that have a magnetic mount that simply mounts to the hood, harness, 3m backed cable clips and magnet switch to turn them on and off automatically.

Will fit any vehicle with the following main four fuse types:

  1. Low-profile mini (Common in Toyota vehicles)
  2. Mini (Most common amongst 90's vehicles)
  3. Micro2 (The new fuse type found in newer model vehicles)
  4. ATO (Used in older vehicles in the 70's and 80's)

In the Fuse Type drop-down, you must select the fuse your vehicle has and use the last picture for fuse reference then select the appropriate fuse type from your engine bay fuse box. 

 You can also add the replacement lens kits if you prefer a specific color light output. Select your preferred color from the drop-down. All kits will come standard with the clear lens.

Lights come on automatically when you open the hood. No switches to buy. No custom wiring to do. 

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