The Fastest Tire Inflation System on the Market: Monster Valves

Are you looking for the fastest tire inflation system on the market? Look no further than Power Tank's Monster Valves!

Monster Valves are oversized secondary valve stems that you install in your wheels. Monster Valves allows you to air down and up quickly, making it the fastest tire inflation system on the market. The Monster Valve Tap (MV1) Tire Deflator Kit from Power Tank is made from 7018 aluminum, making it lightweight yet strong. It also has an on/off ball valve that gives you control of the valve and shuts off the air during chuck installation for easier installation.

The Monster Valve Flat - KMC Edition (MV4) is another excellent option. It's designed to make tire deflation and inflation faster than ever before. You can imagine airing down a 40"x13.5"x17" tire from 35 psi down to 15 psi in just seconds!

It's important to note that Monster Valves are permanently installed as a second valve stem, so you can retain factory TPMS and accurately monitor your second-to-second tire pressure. A Monster Valve / Schrader Valve Core Removal Tool is also available for purchase if needed.

Power Tank's Monster Valves are perfect for anyone who needs quick and accurate tire inflation or deflation. Check out our website or YouTube channel for more information and demonstrations!