King Shocks - Mid Travel Suspension Lift Kit - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2023)

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King 2.5 Extended Travel Coilovers

The front of Tacoma's use A-Arms with a large motion ratio so large shocks are required to provide off-road capability. King 2.5 coilovers provide the diameter necessary to make the damping force required to prevent your Tacoma from being too bouncy. The remote reservoirs decrease the operating pressure for a smoother ride and longer life span. The extended travel allows for lift heights up to 2.5" without the suspension overextending. For real off-road performance look no further than King 2.5 Extended Travel Coilovers for your Tacoma.

King 2.5 Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks

Toyota Tacoma's carrying heavy loads or seeing serious off-road use should use a large diameter 2.5 shocks for greater durability and tunability. 

Compression Adjusters

Compression adjusters are useful when changing weight (light DD, heavy weekend warrior), changing terrain (tight handling on-road, soft off-road), and for ultimate control over your ride quality (handling vs harshness). Low-speed compression damping adjustment controls handling vs harshness on washboard and gravel roads. High-speed compression controls damping on speed bumps, potholes, and whoops. Fox 2.0's are available with low-speed Compression (LSC) adjustment. Fox 2.5's are available with separate high and low-speed compression adjustments (DSC). 

R4T (Deaver) Add-A-Leaf

Our R4T AAL provides a 1.5" lift to the rear of your 05+ Tacoma at stock weight in the rear. This is the perfect lift for a daily driver with no weight in the rear.

Icon Add-A-Leaf

Icon Add-A-Leaf rear springs provide up to a 1.5 lift to the rear of your 05+ Toyota Tacoma at a stock weight in the rear. For maximum lift use all three leaves and leave the stock overload. For slightly less lift the factory overload leaf can be removed.

Icon RXT Leaf Pack

The Icon RXT rear leaf pack offers better ride quality, off-road performance, and more travel than the mini-pack. The Icon Tacoma RXT leaf pack is user-configurable to three lift heights & spring rates so it can be customized to suit your needs while providing up to 12" of travel.  Lift height compared to stock: + 2.625” (unloaded) lift height over stock with 600 lbs in bed: + 1.125”.

Deaver Leaf Pack

The Deaver leaf pack offers great ride quality and great weight capacity. Deaver has been around for so long so it has been tested and proven to be one of the best. Stage 1: +2" w/ 0-300lbs. Stage 2: +2" w/ 400-600lbs. Stage 3: +2" w/ 700-1000lbs.

*Diff Drop Kit recommended.

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