4x4 Colorado - Alto Mini Hardshell Rooftop Tent (Queen Size Bed)

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These are the absolute best tent on the market for any 2-3 person camping situation. 

The Alto Aluminum Series features our signature fold-out style hardshell roof top tent. The tent easily unfolds to create a sleeping platform that’s secure and weatherproof. Making it the perfect sized tent for any vehicle!

The Alto Mini Roof Top Tent sleeps 2 or more adults.

  • 360-degree views and skylight.
  • Shoe bags and cubbies.
  • Telescopic ladder.
  • LED lighting.

Alto Aluminum - Mini dimensions:

  • Bed platform size - W: 60" L: 81".
  • Tent open size - L: 65" W:78.8" H: 53".
  • Tent closed on vehicle size - L: 65" W: 52" H: 10.5".

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