4x4 Colorado - Nimbus Hardshell Roof Top Tent

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Introducing the Nimbus Hardshell Roof Top Tent, a high-quality, lightweight hardshell rooftop tent that’s built to last. The angular design features multiple doors and windows for smooth airflow and visibility – giving you a beautifully immersive camping adventure.

Tons of amenities likes LED Lighting, large windows and a window vent near the front of the vehicle, not to mention the luxurious memory foam mattress that makes for a comfy night under the stars.

The Nimbus also includes our diesel heater port built directly into the tent canvas.

  • Open interior -  L: 82" W: 49" H: 58".
  • Bed board size -  L: 80" W: 49".
  • Closed -  L 82" W: 51" H: 8.27".

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