The Perfect Bungee - Adjustable Flex - Web Bungee Cargo Net

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The ADJUSTABLE FLEX-WEB is made up of 6 ADJUST-A-STRAPS that are secured to a central powder coated ring to make an ADJUSTABLE BUNGEE NET!

The Adjustable Flex-Web Bungee Cargo Net is hands down the most universal and easiest Cargo Net to use in the world.  What makes it so easy to use?  First off, just getting the cargo net out of its bag, our Flex-Web’s do not tangle.  Secondly, they are easy to and each cord acts independently. 

Our Adjustable Flex-Web Bungee Cargo Net is made up of 6- Fixed End Adjust-A-Straps Clipped to a center ring by their Fixed End (clip hook).  Each Bungee Strap can stretch out to 72”, independently. 

Once fully expanded it can cover an area of 144"x 144". 

Get rid of the clunky, hard to untangle net monstrosity, and get your Flex-Web Bungee Cargo Net today!


  • UV Resistant
  • Fuel Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • All Weather
  • All Year
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • All bungees and hooks are Made in the USA
  • The Center ring is made in China
Pick yours up today for your truck bed, rooftop, hitch mount carrier, 4x4, SUV, ATV, UTV, and XTV.

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