AlphaRex - TRD PRO-Style LED Reflector Headlights - Toyota Tacoma (2016-2022)

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Feature: These Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO-Style Reflector Headlights come with the signature activation light feature, which is a sequential light show when you unlock your car, as well as DRL and sequential signal light tube.

Housing: The Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO-Style Reflector Headlights come with chrome, black, and midnight black housing. The chrome housing gives your truck a stock housing look and matches your truck if you have a lot of chrome accessories. On the other hand, the black housing gives your truck a sporty look and easily matches any color truck and front grill. Above all, the jet black housing and mid-night black housing (all black housing with glossy finish) is our specially designed housing that has the glossy look mixed with the black paint, and it will give your truck a sporty and luxurious look at the same time.

Lens: The Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO-Style Reflector Headlights are made of polycarbonate plastic lenses.  We also apply a layer of anti-fog agent on the headlights lens; thus, it allows better light output in extreme weather. In addition, we also apply another coating to protect the lens against yellowing and oxidation.

SAE/DOT compliance: The Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO-Style Reflector Headlights are compliant with SAE and DOT FMVSS108 regulations.  Moreover, all our products are certified to ISO-9000, ISO-9001, and ISO-9002. Most importantly, we inspect every detail of the lights to make sure we are satisfied and so are our customers.

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