ARB - Single High Performance On-Board Compressor for ARB Air Lockers

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The ARB Air Compressor is an integral component of the air locker system. The ARB Compressor Kit is designed to operate singly as well as a dual (front and rear) locker system. Not only will it enable the ARB lockers to work but it is also capable of supplying air pressure for other occasions, such as refilling a low tire. This air compressor features a die-cast aluminum storage tank, oil-less operation, and the highest air delivery capacity of all the mid-price range compressors (100 psi) setting on the cut-off switch. The ARB Air Compressor Kit contains a pre-assembled compressor, mounting clamp, backing plate, pressure switch, wire loom, and all the mounting hardware. The current draw of 9 amps during no-load, 20 amps for a full load.

There's nothing quite as satisfying as having a vehicle that performs above the rest when it comes to off-road riding, but that means you have to invest some time and money. ARB Air Lockers are a great way to give your vehicle more traction when it comes to off-road riding, but you need to make sure you have an ARB air compressor to accompany it. These air compressors are designed with a full seal to resist moisture and dust so they can keep your ARB Air Lockers up and running for a long time to come.

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