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With a unique and focused design, the Beach Chairs splayed legs help prevent it from sinking into the sand, while the taller seat provides extended support during long sit sessions. Built from Helinox's proprietary DAC Aluminum poles, the advanced-alloy frame pulls together easily. Mapped ventilation in the seat keeps it cool and breathable on hot days, and its height keeps your back supported as you lean into it. Durable, compact and light, it packs to a 11,4 cm x 14 cm x 47 cm stuff sack that doubles as a pillow and weighs under three-and-a-half pounds.

Technical features:

  • Comfortable and supportive: Ergonomic seat design has tall back for added support.
  • Lightweight and strong: Weighs 1.54kg, supports 145kg.
  • Compact and packable: Easily fits into an included 11, 4cm x 14cm x 47cm carry sack.
  • Simple set-up: Intuitive design features single shock-cord system that snaps frame into place.
  • Advanced engineering: Proprietary DAC TH72M aluminum alloy frame is light, durable and strong.
  • Performance materials: Lightweight 600 weave polyester seat is strong, light, and breathable.
  • Durable design: Built for serious use, the chair is backed by a five year warranty.
  • Smart features: Stuff sack doubles as pillow.

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