R4T - Bed Stiffeners - Toyota Tacoma (2016-2022)

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Drilling required! 3 holes per side will be required for added support.

You guys wanted the bottle opener back on the bed stiffeners so we brought it back!

Bed stiffeners are recommended for Tacomas because the material of the bed is a composite rather than steel.

When taking vehicles off-road the bed of the truck will rock from side to side constantly so having bed stiffeners will limit that movement as much as possible. Limiting bed movement will keep the sides of the bed structurally as straight as possible.

We highly recommend bed stiffeners to those who add weight to the bedsides such as a bed rack and a rooftop tent. Having bed stiffeners will prevent the added weight of the bed rack and RTT from putting too much stress on the sides of the bed.

The product will come powder coated satin black.

Made in the USA.

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