Expedition Essentials - ARB Twin Extension Harness

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Take the guesswork out of installing your  ARB Twin Compressor in the rear of your vehicle with Expedition Essentials Plug and Play ARB Twin Harness Extension.

This 17' harness will enable you to install your on board air in the rear of your vehicle with room to spare.

Whether installing in your Tacoma using our Bedside Compressor mount or installing into another vehicle, our extension harness will do the job. 

Using ARB's exact specs for their supplied harness and stepping it up a notch with higher temp-rated wiring.

  • Includes loom and connectors for both switching and Power using Identical connectors to ARB for a plug and play installation.
  • Available with or without ARB Locker Solenoid wiring and connectors.
  • The wiring harness runs through one seamless heat shrink tubing for superior resistance to the elements.

Finish your compressor install with ARB's supplied harness under the hood as intended.

  • Compatible with ARB Twin Compressor ONLY

Note - Please allow for a 5 business day lead time for Extension Harness as they are hand-built by Expedition Essentials.*

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