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Author Sherman Alexie had it right when he said, "The most interesting stuff is in the attic." In this case, we tend to agree. Besides — besides, who could possibly argue with a man who wrote a book called "The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven!?"

In our ongoing effort to maximize potential space in your vehicle, we saw a new frontier; your ceiling! The 4Runner Attic is made of mil-spec mesh and attaches to the grab handles with G-hooks. It can be clipped and unclipped as needed. Now you can store stuff in that vast space above your passenger's heads! And speaking of — the attic is adjustable. The corners can be tightened so that it doesn't get in the way of your passengers. That being said, we recommend this attic for only light-weight items such as coats, blankets, sleeping bags, or clothing. So if you decide to stow a bowling ball above your mother-in-law's head, we are NOT legally responsible for the resulting injuries!

Product features:

  • Made of all mil-spec mesh.
    • Fits 4th Generation 4Runners and Lexus GXs and newer.
      • Durable 550 paracord lacing keeps the attic taught with cinch strings and ITW barrel locks.
        • Store damp items that need airing.
          • 1" mil-spec webbing straps provide space to attach small items with carabiner clips.
            • Clips into place with mil-spec G-hooks and webbing tabs.
              • Dimensions | Mesh compartment measures 28 x 35" | webbing measures 68" end-to-end.
                • Features the authentic branded logo.
                  • Handcrafted in the USA.

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