R4T - Bumper Caps - Toyota Tacoma (2016-2023)

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Don't cut your OEM front bumper! Save it or resell it. An OEM bumper is much more expensive than most would think, especially painted. With these bumper caps, you won't have to cut your OEM bumper to use a high-clearance bumper. 

The bumper caps will have a perfectly straight line, so you won't have to worry about messing up your cut and having a jagged line. The bumper caps are available in raw plastic or color-matched to your paint.

These bumper caps will work with the majority of aftermarket off-road bumpers.

How can you tell if your bumper will work with these? If the bumper you are installing does not angle up where it meets the fender, then it should work. The bend under the headlight to the fender should be completely straight, not angled up or down.

CAD designed and injection molded.


TESTED Bumpers: CBI Offroad T3, C4 Fab Hybrid, BAMF, Relentless, Lil B's Fab, ADD HoneyBadger

Material: ABS Plastic

FITMENT DISCLAIMERWe can NOT guarantee that these bumper caps will fit with every bumper available.

PAINT DISCLAIMERPaint will NOT match 100%. Paint colors vary from truck to truck. If you'd like to match your truck 100% then you would need to have your local paint shop paint and blend them into the fenders. Since Toyotas are made/painted at different factories, one truck's paint will NOT match another's. We paint the caps based on the STANDARD color code that is on your door jam. No refunds can be made based on paint color.

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