Cali Raised LED - Catalytic Converter Shield - Toyota 4Runner (2014-2023)

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Cali Raised LED's Catalytic Converter Shield is laser cut and CNC bent, made with American 12Gauge 304 brushed Stainless Steel. This product is one of the best ways to protect your catalytic converter. The circular hole design on the product provides ample heat dissipation while maintaining high quality.

The kit includes a passenger and driver-side cat shield with security hardware and tool. The best part of this cat shield is, it is compatible with 99% of the skid plates on the market. It's a complete bolt-on product that requires no drilling, welding, or modification to your vehicle.

Are they bolt-on, or do they require modification?

  • Yes, they are 100% bolt-on. You will have to remove some factory items, but they use all existing bolt holes and we provide security hardware for extra protection.

Will the catalytic converter shield work with any aftermarket or factory skid plates?

  • They will not interfere with any offroad or factory skid plates. You will have to uninstall the aftermarket transmission skid plate and reinstall it after installing the Catalytic Convertor shield.

What types of material are the cat shields made from?

  • 12 gauge 304 brushed stainless steel.

Fit requirements:

  • 4 wd.
  • Must be V6 only.
  • Must be automatic transmission only.

Note: This product will not work with a manual transmission model. 

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