VLEDS - Dual Output Front Footwell Kit - Toyota 4Runner (2010-2022)

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Get the look and feel of a modern luxury vehicle. Footwell lighting gives a sense of spaciousness and comfort while providing illumination to the darkest areas. Adding light to both driver and passenger footwell areas is easy with a VLEDS 4Runner footwell kit!

Dual Output The PWM dimmer module allows for two output modes depending on the scenario.

  • COURTESY MODE: The lights are at full output (200LM per side) when the door is open and fades out with the map and dome light when the door is closed.
  • NIGHT MODE: This gives you an adjustable low output light when the door is closed and the parking or headlights are switched on. This drops the output to approximately 10LM on the lowest setting. If you want it brighter simply use the included screwdriver and turn it up to your liking.

Plug-n-Play No splicing or tapping into your factory wires! The Redside Electric OEM-style breakout harness simply plugs into the A-pillar wiring harness. From there, connections are easily made to the PWM module and two striplight bars. For more detailed instructions see the instructions tab.

5X Brighter The striplight bars are small in size but produce a huge amount of light compared to cheap flexible strip lights that are ten times the size. No plastic or fiberglass parts here! The circuit boards are aluminum metal core PCBs housed in a CNC'd aluminum (not cast) body then finished with a high-quality exterior-grade black anodizing. They not only look amazing but they will last you for years!

Key features:

  • Easy install - Plug and play OEM-style breakout harness (installs behind driver a-pillar)
  • Aluminum - Beautifully CNC'd all-aluminum body striplight bar with satin black anodized finish
  • Driver - Built-in current limiting resistor and diode protects the strip from reversed polarity installation
  • Connections - Over-molded 2 pin connectors for easier installation and better reliability
  • Mounting - Super-strong 3M double-sided tape for mounting
  • Proprietary - 21x 3014 chips mounted to on an aluminum PCB that match all VLEDS LED bulbs


  • Output - 400LM total
  • Current draw @ 14.4V - 0.5A
  • Operating voltage - 12-18V
  • Light source - 3014 proprietary chip
  • Driver style - Resistors

What's included:

  • 2x BAR_21 LED Bar Light
  • 2x BAR_21 LSE VHB Tape for Smooth Surfaces
  • 1x VLEDS High/Low PWM Dimmer
  • 1x Dimmer LSE Mounting Tape
  • 1x PWM Adjustment Screwdriver
  • 1x Redside Electric OEM-style Breakout Harness
  • 1x Triangle Pry Tool
  • 1x 4 Foot Wire Extension
  • 8x Small Zip Ties

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