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Add depth and utility to your CargoGlide with these 8” sidewalls! Haul more stuff with total peace of mind. High Sides included with any 100% extension CargoGlide.


  • Secures into exterior channel groves on CargoGlide tray for easy install.
  • 100% American Made.


  • 2 High Side side walls.
  • 1 High Side back wall (cabside).
  • 8 Nuts + 8 bolts.


The DECKED CargoGlide High Sides help prevent items from sliding off the tray. They add 8" of sidewall height from the base of the tray to the top of the High Sides. Ordering a 70% extension CargoGlide? Make sure to add High Sides to your CargoGlide order as they are optional with purchase. Ordering a 100% extension CargoGlide? High Sides are included with your initial purchase as they come standard with 100% extension models at no extra charge. High Sides can be purchased as a replacement part for 100% extension CargoGlide models.



  • Fit all DECKED CargoGlides.
  • Does not fit Drawer System or Tool Box.


  • 8" height (adding 8" in height from the base of the tray).
  • 48" in length from cabside end of CargoGlide tray.
  • 41" wide for midsize truck CargoGlide models.
  • 48" wide for full-size truck CargoGlide models.


  • 100% Aluminum.

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