Decked - CargoGlide - Toyota Tundra (2014-2021)

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The DECKED CargoGlide truck bed sliding tray is a sliding tool box that makes loading, unloading and accessing your tools and gear easy, safe and fast. Never climb into the bed of your truck to retrieve your gear ever again.

The tray rolls on heavy-duty bearings actuated by a single-handed latch which allows you to smoothly slide out and retrieve your tools and materials.

The toughest and most durable bed slide on the market. Built from heavy gauge, powder coated American steel and industrial grade marine plywood (coated with a thermoplastic top sheet), the CargoGlide truck bed slide can take all of the use and abuse of the jobsite and the environment.

Load it up with compressors, welders, tool boxes, you name it. All of your work items slide right out to you every time.

CargoGlide fits most full-size or midsize trucks and is available in either a 70% or 100% extension (amount the tray slides out of the vehicle bed).

The tray can carry up to 2,200 lbs.—choose between a 1,000 lbs., 1,500 lbs., or a max 2,200 lbs. payload (depending on vehicle).

One truck bed slide with all your big heavy stuff on top plus two full bed-length, drawers with secured tools and gear sliding underneath = a match made in heaven.


  • Easily slide out up to 2,200 lbs. of gear with the flick of a switch. Multiple cargo stops allow you to select just how far out you want it to extend.
  • Slide thrust bearings keep the loaded tray from binding if parked on an angled slope. These bearings make the CargoGlide roll smoothly no matter how much torque you may put it under.
  • The perimeter of the CargoGlide tray has interior and exterior channels for infinitely adjustable cargo tie down locations. Comes standard with [4] marine grade galvanized tie down loops. Accessory tie downs available for ratchet straps or other webbing to secure your load.
  • 30 min. is all you need. CargoGlide comes preassembled. Simply drill according to instructions, install hardware and bolt it down. You only need a couple of drill bits and a socket set.

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