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Compatible with both Tool Box and wide Drawers, the Tool Box Tray provides easy access and portability to the tools you use the most.


  • 100% Made in USA.
  • Battles clutter and disorganization.
  • Easily accessible.


The DECKED Tool Box Tray is a sleek, sexy, molded tray that drops into your Tool Box and allows portable access to the tools you use all of the time. Designed to be taken with you via a molded hand grip, it perches anywhere along the top ridge system in the Tool Box. We could tell you more but are sure you can figure the rest out.


Fitment tool box:

  • Fits all DECKED Tool Boxes.
  • Does not fit w/ a D-Box and a ladder, but does fit with a Crossbox and a ladder.
  • 2 trays fit with a ladder installed.
  • 4 trays fit without a ladder installed.

Fitment drawer system:

  • The tray is not specifically designed for the Drawer System, but it does fit!
  • Fits wide DECKED Drawers crosswise perched on divider ribs.
  • Fits in the bottom of wide DECKED Drawers lengthwise (you will have gaps on either side).


  • 17.77" L x 12.17" W x 4.75" H


  • Polypropylene.

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