Dirt King Fabrication - 2.0 IFP Smooth Body Shocks - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2023)

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The Dirt King 2.0 IFP Series rear shocks for the Toyota Tacoma were developed to complement the Dirt King 2.0 IFP front coilovers. These shocks improve your vehicle's handling and comfort, both on-road and off-road. While they may not reach the peak off-road performance of the Dirt King 2.5 DCA series shocks, the 2.0 IFP shocks far exceed OE shocks in performance. They provide a smoother ride over rough terrains such as washboards, potholes, and large dips. These shocks also offer increased wheel travel, resulting in higher articulation and better bottom out control. Integrating these rear shocks with the Dirt King 2.0 IFP front coilovers on your Tacoma delivers a balanced and responsive driving experience.


  • 2" hard-anodized 6061 aluminum bodies.
  • Internal floating piston.
  • Induction-hardened 5/8" shafts.
  • Allows up to 1.5" of lift.

What's included:

  • 2.0” IFP smooth body shocks.
  • Shock shaft boots.
  • All necessary mounting hardware.
  • Installation instructions.


  • Increased suspension travel.
  • Vehicle specific valving providing optimal ride comfort.
  • Aluminum body for cooler operation and corrosion resistance.
  • Direct bolt-on replacement that uses factory shock mounting location.
  • Maxima custom oil blend. The proprietary light viscosity semi-synthetic oil blend is low friction and extremely resistant to high operating temperatures.
  • Cold wound, high-tensile alloy steel coil springs that retain consistent rate and ride height.
  • Completely rebuildable and serviceable. All tools and replacement parts can be purchased from Dirt King.

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