Dobinsons - 1" to 3.5" Lift Kit - Toyota 4Runner (2010-2023)

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  • All rear heights are measured on a vehicle with 3rd row seating.
  • Complete suspension kit for 4x4 Off Road Use, fine tuned to match the vehicle.
  • Coils are specifically suited to the additional accessory load (weight) on the vehicle.
  • Nitrogen gas charged shocks, superior design, thicker walls, longer travel.
  • High quality Australian-made coil springs, heat treated, fully scragged, powder coated.
  • Base kit includes 2 front struts, 2 rear shocks, and 4 coil springs.
Note: For a lift of 3" in the rear, new extended brake lines and a minimum of 2" bump stop extensions are required to be used with our long travel rear shocks. At full extension, the stock brake lines could get damaged, and with stock, bump stops in place, the shocks will bottom out before the bump stop fully engages, which will quickly destroy the shocks.

2.5" or more of lift, new UCA's are recommended.

Front coil springs reference:
  • C59-238 - 0.75-1.0" lift stock load.
  • C59-296 - 1.5" lift stock load.
  • C59-300 - 1.8" lift stock load.
  • C59-302 - 2.5" lift stock load, 2" with 150lb added load.
  • C59-314 - 2.5" lift with 80-150lb added load.
  • C59-352  2.5" lift with 220-300lb added load.

    Rear coil springs reference:

    • C59-323 - Stock rear end, 0.5" lift.
    • C59-599 - Stock rear end, 1.5" lift.
    • C59-505 - Stock rear end, 2" lift.
    • C59-325 - Stock rear end, 2.5" lift.
    • C59-327 - 220-440lb constant load, 2.5" lift.
    • C59-329 - 660-880lb constant load, 2.5" lift.
    • C59-331 - 900-1000lb constant load, 2.5" lift.
    • C59-675V - Variable rate comfort option, stock rear weight, 3" lift, long travel.
    • C59-677V - Variable rate option, 200lb heavy rear load weight, 3" lift, long travel.
    • C59-701V - Variable rate, 400-600lb heavy rear load weight, 3" lift, long travel.
    • C59-749V - Variable rate, 700-800lb heavy rear load weight, 3" lift, long travel.
    • C59-849V - Variable rate, 1000lb+ heavy rear load weight, 3" lift, long travel.

    All Colorado local pick-up orders for the 4Runner Lift Kit is subject to a $115 transport fee.

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