Dobinsons - 2" to 3" IMS Lift Kit - Toyota Tundra (2022+)

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Front coil spring specs:
  • C59-834 (50mm - 2") 0-110lb Load.
  • C59-836 (50mm - 2") 110-220lb Load.
  • C59-838 (75mm - 3") 0-110lb Load.
  • C59-840 (75mm - 3") 110-220lb Load.
Rear coil spring specs:
  • C59-835V (25mm- 1") 0-110lb Load.
  • C59-837V (25mm- 1") 220-440lb Load.
  • C59-839V (25mm- 1") 550-770lb Load.
  • C59-841V (50mm-2") 0-110Lb Load.
  • C59-843V (50mm-2") 220-440lb Load.
  • C59-845V (50mm-2") 550-770lb Load.


  • Complete suspension kit for 4x4 Off Road Use, fine tuned to match the vehicle.
  • Fully re-buildable and re-valvable.
  • vZero shock fade in all terrains with full load.
  • Superior Designed Nitro Gas Monotube Shocks, thicker walls, longer travel.
  • Corrosion resistant (EDP Surface Protection).
  • Direct, bolt-on replacement for easy fitment.
  • 60mm hi-flow CNC 6061 Billet alloy piston.
  • 2.6" Precision Honed Shock Body.
  • Heavy duty single piece lower leg.
  • Japanese NOK Multi-Lip seals, Fuchs German shock absorber oil, Natural Rubber Bushings for reduced noise vibration and flexibility.
  • High Quality Australian-made coil springs, heat treated, fully scragged, powder coated.
  • IMS59-60685 / IMS59-60885 Long Travel Shocks Require 1.5" bump stop extensions and extended brake lines
  • If doing a 2.5" lift or higher in the front, a diff-drop kit or longer TRD CV-axles are REQUIRED, faliure to complete these requirements could cause OE CV-axle faliure. 14mm bump stop extensions are also required
  • TRD axle shafts: PT362-3432B and PT362-3431B
  • Coil seat for IMS59-60446 should be set at 175mm (6.87") from the strut bushing eye to top of coil isolator.

All Colorado local pick-up orders for the IMS Lift Kit is subject to a $155 transport fee.

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