DRT Fabrication - Shock Relocation - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2023)

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Introducing the Tacoma Shock Relocation Kit, designed specifically for 2005-2023 Tacoma models to be used with 2.5 x 12-14" shocks. This kit is the ultimate solution for off-road enthusiasts looking to maximize their vehicle's performance.

The Rear Shock Relocation Kit is engineered to increase down travel while maintaining and often improving up travel numbers. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, our kit features 1/4" lower shock mounts, limit strap mounting tabs, and all the necessary hardware for a seamless installation. The towers come powder-coated satin black and provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

All Shock Relocation kits ship free, this means that you can have our Rear Shock Relocation Kit delivered right to your doorstep without any additional costs.

Thorough instructions are included to ensure your suspension is properly installed. Because this is a universal kit designed to fit a number of different leaf packs and shocks the suspension must be cycled to maximize performance and prevent damage to your shocks or truck.

Key notes:

  • Capable of over 13” travel with a 12” shock (leaf pack dependent).
  • 3/16" Tower Powder coated satin black.
  • 1/4” lower shock mounts.
  • Limit strap tabs with frame overlays.
  • 1.5” wheel spacers required for 2.5” smoothies on a 0 offset wheel.
  • 2” spacers required with a 2.5” triple bypass on a 0 offset wheel.
  • Shock notes: When ordering smooth body shocks you want a STRAIGHT fitting coming off the top cap.
  • Compression adjusters recommended, resi mounting is easier*
  • When ordering bypasses you want a remote resi with forward tube layout. Piggy back resis will not fit.
  • King 2.5” x 12” no compression adjuster.
  • SKU: KRS-PR2512-SS
  • King 2.5 x 12” w/ compression adjuster.
  • SKU: KRS-PR2512-SS-A

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