Expedition Essentials - Dash Mount Powered Accessory Mount (TDPAM) - Toyota Tundra (2014-2021)

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Introducing the new Tundra Dash Mount TDPAM for the 2014-Current Model year Toyota Tundra.

We at Expedition Essentials took a new approach when it came to the design of a powered accessory mount for the ever-capable Toyota Tundra.

We set out to design a Toyota Tundra Dash mount that was just as strong, versatile, and functional as our other dash mounts without sacrificing aesthetics or ease of install.

The Tundra dash in itself and its individual components simply were not strong enough to provide a viable and solid option alone; the middle recess pocket area was other mounting options utilize we found to be weak and unstable.

Other possible mounting options proved to be difficult to access and therefore ruled out to limit difficulty in installation.

The design that has emerged from our lengthy research and design process fills all the necessary requirements that we strive for with our other dash mounts on the market.

  • Strong.
  • Versatile.
  • Enhanced functionality.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.

The TDPAM utilizes a triangular design, incorporating it with the middle recess or pocket area,  combining it with two support legs: that as individual components are lightweight aluminum, but combined together!

Create a solid and extremely functional base mounting system capable of supporting, phones, tablets, GPS, and other electronic devices with ease.

In addition,  placing the mounting surface lower and more towards the driver's peripheral vision range vs higher towards the windshield we have created a mount that allows for high user preference adjustability enabling safe unobstructed placement of devices.   

In addition to the above, we have incorporated 6 AMPS pattern mounting locations (Pre Threaded with 10/32 inserts) and a 13" RAM MOUNTS Tough Track: creating an extremely versatile and user-friendly mounting system.

Allowing for easy user manipulation and location of the mounted devices with endless possibilities.

The TDPAM is a drill and installs the product as with all of our mounts: simply due to the fact that we produce the strongest dash mounts on the market and the TDPAM is no exception.

The included  Flush Mount Fast Charging  (4.8) USB outlet that we chose to locate flush mounted on top of the dash center of the base plate allows for charging electronic devices in a convenient location.

The TDPAM features and includes:

  •  Aluminum base mounting system powder-coated texture black.
  • 13" Ram mounts Tough Track in black.
  • 6 additional AMPS pattern mounting points pre-threaded 10/32.
  • Expedition Essentials Flush Mount Fast USB Charger.

Installation notes:

The TDPAM is a semi-technical install on the level of easy to moderate, the install requires drilling, the cutout or dremeling of a small square section on top of the dash for USB outlet ports and basic wiring, the average installer should take approximately 1-1.5 hours for install.

Written instructions, as well as drilling templates, are included with each mount to aid in installation.

Accessories not included.

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