Form Lighting - Sequential LED Projector Headlights (Pair) - Toyota 4Runner (2014-2024)

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 Your 2014-2024 Toyota 4Runner deserves an upgrade, and sequential LED Headlights from Form Lighting are the perfect way to do it. With these premium OE-grade replacements, you’ll add triple LED projectors, sequential turn signals, startup sequence, dual color LED running light, and a more aggressive, modern appearance.

Triple Projectors. What’s better than one projector? Three projectors. And with these headlights, two of the projectors are bi-LED units, providing output for both low beam and high beam illumination. The third projector provides extra illumination when you activate your high beams. With a sharp cutoff, broad width, and high intensity, these units provide a serious upgrade in output.

Modern Styling. The OEM headlamps on the 4Runner leave much to be desired with the chrome reflector and single projector. With blacked-out housings and aggressive styling, these new headlamps will give your 4Runner an ultra-premium look.

Startup Sequence.  These headlights are packed with the latest and most modern lighting functions, including a startup or “welcome” sequence. Anytime the running lights turn on, they will illuminate in a smooth two-stage chasing sequence before fully illuminating in a bright white or brilliant amber that is sure to turn heads.

Sequential Turn Signal. The startup sequence isn’t the only thing that stands out. These headlights also feature a sequential amber LED turn signal. Every time the turn signal is activated, amber LEDs activate across the top and bottom of the lamp in a smooth chasing sequence, sweeping from the inside of the lamp outward. When you’re finished making your turn, they automatically revert back to the DRL.

Selectable DRL. These headlights feature a selectable DRL with a clean diffused optic that allows you to choose between cool white or amber. Best of all, you can switch colors easily using a simple connector.

OEM-Grade Construction.  Form Lighting headlights are built with quality in mind, using OE-grade materials and design techniques. This includes durable UV-coated polycarbonate lenses, automotive-grade LED emitters, breather vents, and OEM plug-and-play connectors. They are assembled in an IATF 16949-certified facility, which is a quality management system designed for the automotive industry. While they may not be the cheapest option you’ll find, you can rest assured that these lights will provide durable and superior performance.

Road Legal.  Form Lighting headlights meet all SAE, DOT, FMVSS, and CMVSS standards and regulations for legal on-road use in the United States and Canada, when installed and aimed properly - which is easy to do with the integrated screw-type adjusters.

Plug-and-Play.  Our headlights for the 4Runner are completely plug-and-play and will fit perfectly, without any gaps. They were designed to plug into your factory headlight connector, with no wiring modifications needed. No errors, flickering, or hyperflashing! Adapters are also included to power the running lights, if your 4Runner doesn’t come with daytime running lights (non-DTRL) from the factory.

Two-Year Warranty. All Form Lighting products are rigorously tested for reliability, and backed by a two-year warranty. The warranty is supported directly by Form Lighting, and any replacement parts, if needed, are shipped quickly from Form Lighting’s US warehouse. In the rare occasion that you may need to utilize your warranty, we try to keep the process as simple as possible - for example, no return is normally necessary.


  • Note: If you have a 2021-2024 Toyota 4Runner, the LED adapter harness is required for proper plug-and-play functionality.
  • Application: Headlamp.
  • Make: Toyota.
  • Model: 4Runner.
  • Years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024


  • Power (watts): 42W
  • Operating temperature: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F).
  • Connector(s): OEM-Size Plug and Play.
  • Intrusion ratings: IP67 Weatherproof.
  • Unit weight (lb): 9
  • Product weight (lb): 18
  • Shipped weight (lb): 22.5
  • Application: Headlamp.
  • Quantity: Pair (left & right side).
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty.

What's included:

  • Quantity: Pair (left & right side).


  • Time: 1-2 hours.
  • Tools needed: Basic toolset.
  • Modification: None.

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