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What would the perfect family expedition look like to you? If you are like Blue Ridge Overland Gear, the perfect expedition looks seamless. Everyone is happy. The kids are organized. You even conveniently “forgot” that mind-numbing “Barney” sing-along CD your kids are so crazy about. And you never have to search for anything because all their stuff is in one spot! Military precision. You could be a pessimist. You could be reading this, thinking, “yeah right, keep dreaming. Nothing is that easy.” OR you could become a “glass-half-full type.”

Check out the Headrest Storage Bag. It’s lightweight. It’s big enough to store your favorite coloring books. If your trips are kid-free, it will fit a Gazetteer Map. This bag can be taken to and from the car in one easy step. It's the perfect bag for your little people, or you.

Too good to be true? Nope. They’ve just brought you a step closer to outings that run as smooth as a well-oiled machine. Without or without the kids. As always, you are welcome! As for making that “Barney” CD disappear for good, we can only take you so far! Good luck!

Product features:

  • Attaches to any standard headrest.
    • Easily secured or removed with 1" webbing strap.
      • 500D nylon cordura.
        • ITW hardware.
          • 4" loop velcro platform - perfect for ID panels or vanity patches.
            • Dimensions | 14 x 14 x 4".
              • MOLLE-compatible.
                • Color black.
                  • Features the authentic branded logo.
                    • Made in the USA.

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