Diode Dynamics - Heavy Duty Dual Output 2-Pin Offroad Wiring Harness

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Stage Series. This harness is intended to be used with our Stage Series light bars and pods without backlight functionality. This harness connects directly to your vehicle's battery and allows you to power your offroad lighting. It features a two-way toggle switch and uses high capacity 14AWG wiring and Deutsch DT connectors for simple plug-and-play installation.

This harness safely powers up to 25A of auxiliary lamps. Please refer to the current draw data below.  

  • SS3 Sport: 1.2A
  • SS3 Pro: 2.9A
  • SS3 Max: 3.3A
  • SS6 Light Bar: 1.9A
  • SS12 Light Bar: 4.2A
  • SS18 Light Bar: 5.7A
  • SS30 Light Bar: 9.8A
  • SS42 Light Bar: 16A
  • SS50 Light Bar: 18.5A

Experience. After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is the most trusted name in automotive LED lighting. Unlike all other LED distributors, we assemble and engineer products in the United States, for high quality and fast time-to-market of the newest and brightest LED technologies. We pride ourselves in offering only quality LED products, that will exceed your expectations. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your lighting project!


  • Powers up to two Diode Dynamics 50", 42", 30", and 18" Stage Series light bars.
  • Connects directly to the battery to power your light bar.
  • High capacity 14AWG wiring.
  • Dual Deutsch DT output connectors.
  • Black wire sheathing to protect cables.
  • 25A, waterproof fuse, and 60 amp, 12V relay to safeguard the electrical systems in your light bar.

What's included in the box:

  • One (1) wiring harness.
  • One (1) toggle switch.


  • This harness is designed to power up to two Diode Dynamics 50'', 42'', 30", and 18" Stage Series light bars.

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