Maxtrax - Lite Recovery Tracks in Black

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  • Half the weight. All the adventure - 1.8kg each, 48% lighter than Mk2's.
  • Lifetime warranty - Manufactured with the similar design as our premium boards.
  • Premium Australian manufacturing Proudly Australian made.
  • Impact resistant thermoplastic - Achieves lightweight tough construction.
  • Seamless stacking - Stacks together with a sleek, low-profile design.
  • Double ramp design - Patented for quick and easy maneuvering under your tires.
  • Mounting pin holes - Allows convenient storage, and the LITE can be linked together or to the other boards in the Maxtrax family.
  • Footprint - 895mm long for traction.
  • Aggressive teeth pattern - 66 teeth ensure rapid and effective tyre grip.
  • Four comfortable handles - Designed for ease of handling on the shorter LITE boards.
  • Shovel at both ends - Enables easy digging in tight spots.

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