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Back seat drivers are a pain in the butt, but sometimes you just can’t avoid them. If you have kids, you may have tried to train them to keep themselves occupied. Especially while you are navigating through complicated terrain. But even with the best of training, back seat opinions still sometimes make themselves known:

“Don’t mind the 300-foot drop outside your window, honey. Yes, I know where I’m going. No, we’re not going to die. Please just keep reading your book.”

Even under ideal conditions, keeping your back seat drivers occupied requires lots of stuff. Consequently, you need somewhere to store all that stuff. That’s where our MOLLE Seat Back Panel comes in. You hang this bad boy on the back of your seat and it serves as a sturdy anchor (and seat protector) for small, medium, and large MOLLE compatible bags. Now you can easily store whatever your little heart desires; things like chewing gum, duct tape, a game boy, a fire starter, noisemakers, word-search books, maps, all things that good kids love to play with. Now you can be prepared AND organized! Best of all, you can drive without the unsolicited advice of a third party!

    • Secures around headrest with an adjustable 1" webbing strap
    • Secures to the base of the seat with 1" webbing bottom adaptor
    • Comes standard with bucket seat adaptors
    • Made of 500D nylon cordura
    • Seven rows of MOLLE webbing,
    • Three rows of 1" loop Velcro webbing
    • Features a 2" loop Velcro platform
    • Modular MOLLE webbing system
    • Designed to house hook and loop and/or MOLLE pouches
    • Corrugated plastic core for rigidity
    • All ITW hardware
    • Dimensions | 14 x 20"
    • Color | Black
    • Handcrafted in the USA

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