Morimoto - 3157: X-VF LED Bulbs

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Introducing the cutting-edge X-VF LED Bulbs – your ultimate solution for upgrading your vehicle's lighting performance. These bulbs are a result of Morimoto's dedication to innovation and quality. Say goodbye to outdated HID systems and subpar LED options. The X-VF bulbs offer unparalleled brightness and longevity, instantly transforming your car's appearance and safety. With refined optics that disperse light in all directions, they deliver superior side and rear-ward spread, making your vehicle more noticeable and enhancing overall safety. The X-VF bulbs are designed with convenience in mind, featuring wide contacts for perfect base connection and universal drivers for compatibility. Plus, they're can-bus friendly, Mini LED Fog Light Bulbsmizing errors and maximizing ease. Elevate your driving experience with X-VF LED Bulbs – where power, style, and reliability converge.

Features & benefits:

  • Advanced virtual filament technology: Experience even and brilliant illumination with cutting-edge technology.
  • Modern aesthetics: Upgrade your vehicle's look with sleek and sophisticated design.
  • Optimized light distribution: Drive safer with enhanced visibility from all angles.
  • Universal compatibility: Hassle-free installation with drivers that work across circuits.
  • Can-bus friendly: Virtually eliminate "lamp out" errors in most applications.

What's included:

  • LED bulbs: 2x (one pair) 3157 X-VF LED bulbs.
  • Resistors: Optional.

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