Nytop - Front Frame Cross Member - Toyota Tacoma (2024+)

Sale price$299.99


This is a pre-order. Coming early-mid Q3 of 2024.

2024-Current (4th Gen) Toyota Tacoma Front Frame Cross Member. Fits all non-TRD Offroad/Pro/Trailhunter trims.

The 4th Gen Tacoma non-offroad focused trims come without the additional welded front frame cross member that is on TRD Offroad, TRD Pro and Trailhunter trims.

This will prevent you from fully mounting the OEM TRD Pro or Trailhunter skid plates, as well as our NYTOP skid plates and many other aftermarket options, because of two missing mounting points.

The Toyota Tacoma Front Frame Cross Member adds back the two missing M8 mounting holes for the OEM skid plates, as well as aftermarket skid plates like ours, while also providing increased chassis strength and damage resistance.

The Front Frame Cross Member is finished in black powder coat, and made with 1/4 in high-strength steel to ensure durability.

Torque down all the bolts to 75 ft-lbs./101 Nm.

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