PowerTrays - BantamX / SourceLT PowerTray - TRD Off-Road, Pro - Toyota Tacoma (2005-Current)

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You will have three options for the style of tray to mount your spod bantamx.

1. Original BantamX:

  • The brand new sPOD BantamX and SourceLT will save you hours of wiring & installation time! Mount it on the PowerTray for a truly professional looking install.
  • It is a small, 8-circuit or 6-circuit control system that provides a clean (one ethernet cable into the cab!) and safe way to power and control 12/24VDC accessories.
  • This product is for the Original BantamX PowerTray, Support Leg, and mounting hardware.
  • Does not include the BantamX/SourceLT.

2. BantamX+Fuse:

  • This option is the same as the Original BantamX PowerTray seen above, but adds a dedicated 6 circuit fuse block mounting location in the blank space. Its a simple, compact solution to mount your BantamX system and the Blue Sea 6 Circuit Fuse Block so you can keep your wiring clean and organized.
  • This product is for the BantamX+Fuse PowerTray, Support Leg, and mounting hardware.
  • Does not include the BantamX/SourceLT, Blue Accessories, Power/Ground Cables, etc.

3. Essentials BantamX:

  • This option is the same as the BantamX PowerTrays seen above, but is a simpler, more compact solution to mount your BantamX system by removing all excess space/material.
  • There is no support leg included with this tray since the mounting platform is smaller allowing for an easier and more cost effective install of your BantamX.
  • This product is for the Essentials BantamX PowerTray and mounting hardware.
  • Does not include the BantamX/SourceLT.


  • PEM® Fasteners - Pressed into the bottom of the PowerTray, genuine PEM fasteners become a permanent feature of the tray so you never have to worry about losing a nut while adding mods to your rig. Also included is matching stainless steel hardware to mount those accessories to the tray.
  • 1/8th Inch 5052 Aircraft Aluminum - Possibly a little overkill to use for mounting electrical accessories that tend to weigh in the ounces, not pounds. But with a weight coming in at 3X lighter than steel and corrosion resistance far superior to even stainless steel, aluminum is the clear choice for weathering the harsh conditions we put our vehicles though.
  • Waterjet manufacturing - Guarantees precise cuts with an accuracy of ±0.003", which is why it is used globally in many industries for intricate designs and jobs which require high tolerances.
  • Chamfered edges - This is the only step where we cut corners (hehe). To avoid sharp edges we chamfer all jagged edges and corners by hand with a specialized high-speed router bit. So you don't have to worry about cutting your hands or scratching your vehicles paint during installation. Also with a 45° chamfer on the edges you minimize the risk of vibration wearing though the protective sleeving on cables and wires which would short out the circuit.
  • Perfect fit - The fender-side bend is bent an additional 10° to match the angle of the factory threaded M8 holes to ensure a level mounting surface.
  • Unparalleled stability - Utilizing three points of contact, you can be sure that your valuable electronics are safe and supported by including an additional support leg that secures the far-side of the tray to the lower inner fender.
  • High Quality JIS Class 10.9 Steel Hardware - Your entire Toyota is built with JIS (Japanese industrial standard) hardware so why should your aftermarket parts be any different.
  • Power Made Easy - Delivered right to your door with step-by-step installation instructions.

This PowerTray will fit 2nd & 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma's (2005-Current) with the following requirements:

  • Electric assist braking.
  • This includes TRD Off Road and TRD Pro models. These models feature an electronic assisted braking system as opposed to the traditional vacuum booster seen in other models. Note: Regardless of any bedside stickers or options your Tacoma may have, double check that you have the electric assist braking system and do not have the vacuum booster behind the master cylinder.
  • Automatic transmissions or manual transmissions that do not have the fender-mounted clutch fluid reservoir.
  • Unfortunately PowerTrays will not work with the fender-mounted clutch fluid reservoir (which include the majority of Tacoma's prior to 2020) due to the reservoir being mounted in the same location the PowerTray installs.
  • So if your Tacoma has a manual transmission and has this reservoir bolted to the inner fender, then shoot us an email with pictures of the reservoir and please include vehicle info like year, make, and model of your Tacoma so we can go over options for relocating the reservoir. 

Special considerations:

  • Superchargers: Unfortunately most supercharged Tacomas have an Air To Water reservoir mounted in the same area the PowerTray is designed to install. So you would need to either relocate that reservoir or you could purchase the Standoff version of this tray and mount it on top of the Factory fuse block lid.

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