PowerTrays - Switch-Pros Powertray Battery Mount - Toyota Tundra (2022+)

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This PowerTray is a perfect solution to mount your Switch-Pros and keep your wiring clean and organized right over top your battery. This mount replaces the factory battery guard and installs in its place.

Take all the guess work out of wiring up a new accessory. The Switch-Pros Battery Mount PowerTray employs a dedicated 8 circuit barrier terminal block and low profile grounding busbar to keep your wiring organized and secure.  No more fiddling around with excess wires or scrambling to find a secure and reliable ground for each of your accessories. We've been there and done that and learned from our frustration. It also has a convenient spot for our 120A compact waterproof circuit breaker right next to the positive terminal on the battery. All together creating the ultimate wire management solution for your Switch-Pros.

The wires coming from your Switch-Pros route down though the included rubber grommet and back up to connect to the 8 circuit barrier terminal block. Now with the Switch-Pros PowerTray system installed all the positive wires from your accessories can connect to the opposite side of the terminal block and the negatives to the busbar. That's it, you're done! No need to bust out a soldering iron or buy bulky connectors that require expensive specialty crimpers.

This product is for the Switch-Pros Battery Mount PowerTray and associated mounting hardware.

It does not include the Switch Pro, Circuit Breaker, Blue Sea Accessories, Power/Ground cables, Terminals/fuses etc.


  • PEM® fasteners with stainless steel screws - Pressed into the bottom of the PowerTray, genuine PEM fasteners become a permanent feature of the tray so you never have to worry about losing a nut while adding mods to your rig. Also included is matching stainless steel hardware to mount those accessories to the tray.
  • 1/8th inch 5052 aircraft aluminum - Possibly a little overkill to use for mounting electrical accessories that tend to weigh in the ounces, not pounds. But with a weight coming in at 3X lighter than steel and corrosion resistance far superior to even stainless steel, aluminum is the clear choice for weathering the harsh conditions we put our vehicles though.
  • Waterjet manufacturing - Guarantees precise cuts with an accuracy of ±0.003", which is why it is used globally in many industries for intricate designs and jobs which require high tolerances.
  • Chamfered edges - This is the only step where we cut corners (hehe). To avoid sharp edges we chamfer all jagged edges and corners by hand with a specialized high-speed router bit. So you don't have to worry about cutting your hands or scratching your vehicles paint during installation. Also with a 45° chamfer on the edges you minimize the risk of vibration wearing though the protective sleeving on cables and wires which would short out the circuit.
  • Power made easy - Delivered right to your door with step-by-step installation instructions.

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