Extended Awning Bracket (Large, For 270 Awnings)

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Price includes ONE bracket. A minimum of 2 is needed for a standard awning. 3 for a 270 awning.

This bracket was designed because we could not fit an awning with an iKamper Skycamp on a 5th gen 4Runner. This bracket will solve that issue! This bracket was designed around the upTOP Overland roof rack and the iKamper Skycamp, but if you have an upTOP Overland roof rack with a 55" wide tent, then this bracket will still do the job. This bracket also allows you to mount Maxtrax mounts.

Our awning bracket is made out of 1/4" steel so that it will be plenty thick to up any standard awning up to a 270 awning. With a 270 awning, we recommend at least 3 brackets.

Hardware to mount brackets to load bar included. Hardware to mount the awning to the bracket will come with an awning.

Material: 1/4" Steel

Finish: Powder-coated

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