R4T - Group 31 Battery Terminal

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If you are looking to upgrade your factory size battery to a Group 31 battery, you will need this battery terminal. Our battery terminal is designed for the Group 31 Odyssey battery but should work with other Group 31 batteries. The Group 31 battery has the connection posts in the center of the batter, so using the factory terminals will not perform as it is not long enough to reach the battery posts. Our battery terminal is designed to accommodate for extra accessories to be connected.

Our battery terminal comprises 3 parts, the bottom is polycarbonate, the connection plate is 5052 aluminum, and the top is acrylic. All assembly hardware is 18-8 stainless steel. 

Units WILL NOT INCLUDE FUSE PROVISIONS in design to eliminate voltage drops in high current circuits. External fuse requirements must be addressed and are the responsibility of the end-user.

Will require cutting & bending of the factory terminal ends to fit on the battery posts of a Group 31 battery.

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