Relentless Fabrication - High Clearance Rear Plate Bumper - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2015)

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Lead time: 16-20 weeks for bare metal. Additional 2-3 weeks for powder coated. Bumpers are made to order.

This is the 2005-2015 Tacoma High Clearance rear plate bumper. Each bumper is hand made to order from a CNC cut sheet of US steel, then CNC press brake formed and precision MIG welded together by skilled fabricators in our Nevada fab shop.

This is the ultimate rear bumper for extreme off road use, offering the maximum departure angles and side clearance while adding some bedside protection, and giving an aggressive and clean look on your Tacoma. Every bumper includes standard recovery points, and includes any necessary installation hardware. Requires cutting off bed sides at bottom of tail lights!

Steel bumpers are made with a solid 3/16" steel outer shell, with 1/4" mounting plates and solid 3/4" thick through-welded recovery points.

Approximate weight is 130 lbs. base bumper weight.

All Colorado local pick-up orders for the Relentless Fabrication bumpers is subject to a $225 transport fee.

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