Rugged Radios - Radio Kit Lite - GMR25 Waterproof GMRS Band Mobile Radio with Stealth Antenna

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Waterproof & Rugged: Our 25-watt GMRS radio kit with a low profile Stealth Antenna is ideal for Jeeps, UTVs, or any other open-cab vehicle. This waterproof radio kit was built to take on the elements!

Kit features:

  • Waterproof GMRS 25-watt radio.
  • UHF Stealth antenna.
  • Antenna coax cable.
  • 3/8" bar mount antenna bracket.
  • Pre-programmed channels, 8 repeater channels and 15 GMRS channels.

With a 10-12 mile range, the GMR25 conveniently connects to all other GMRS radios, including walkie-talkie, providing even more flexibility on the trail.

Easily connect to intercom, headset, or any 5-pin accessory with the built-in Rugged Ready pigtail cable!

This waterproof radio kit was built to take on the elements!

Compatibility: This radio works with all GMRS/FRS radios operating on the same frequencies, including but not limited to GMR45, GMR25, GMR2, and more.

What's included:

  • Waterproof GMR25 mobile radio.
  • Hand mic with Scosche magic mount.
  • 3/8" bar mount antenna bracket.
  • UHF stealth antenna.
  • 15' antenna coax cable with 3/8" NMO mount.
  • Scosche magnetic hand mic hanger.
  • Universal mounting bracket and hardware.
  • Power cable with fuse.

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