Rugged Radios - Single Side Handheld Radio Mount for R1 / GMR2 /RDH16 / V3 / RH5R

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Securely clip your handheld radio to your dash! This mount has been designed to be bolted directly to a dash board, or other flat surface, without the need for spacers or bar mounts. The single side tab allows for greater versatility in choosing where to mount the radio.


  • Universal design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Black textured powder coating
  • Can be used with the bar mounts

This single side mount may work with other handheld radios, but is confirmed to work with Rugged Radios handhelds including R1, GMR2, RDH16, V3, and RH5R

Requires a belt clip on the radio to securely fasten to the mounting plate.

Mounting hardware included.  

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