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A simple way to keep your Helinox chair from blowing away, Saddle Bags have large dual pockets you fill with weight, then drape across your chair frame's crossbar to anchor it in place. Designed for use when it's hard to stake your chair out, it's great for sandy beaches, packed dirt, or pavement. Simply fill it with whatever's handy, like rocks, sand, soda cans, or water bottles, so there's no need to lug around extra weight. Saddle Bags are also great as an anchor to guy out your Helinox shade structure or as a simple weight to keep your cot from blowing away during the day. Helinox Saddle Bags are outdoor durable, backed by a manufacturer's 5 year warranty, and at just 100grams are lightweight and packable.

Technical features:

  • Saddle Bags stow weight and drape over Helinox Outdoor Chairs' crossbars to minimize tipping and help prevent chairs from blowing away in high winds.
  • Design features dual pockets to fill with available ballast like rocks, sand, soda cans, or outdoor gear; fits all Helinox Chairs with a crossbar.
  • Made from rugged, rip-resistant, lightweight, polyester for portability and durability.
  • Simple and versatile, it also works as an anchor to guy out your shade structure or to weight down your cot when not in use.
  • Dimensions 22x2x42cm, weight 100grams; manufacturer's 5 year warranty.

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